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Videos About 'Bigfoot-Sasquatch' Encounters

Are the below videos for real?

Image of a bigfoot running

Drawing of a bigfoot sad on a log

Directly above is a late 1970s or early 1980s actual photograph taken of an old white-haired Bigfoot, or giant's descendant, after being captured near the Great Lakes area USA after having killed a man.

Footprints found in a granite-rock cliffside in Africa upper left, and in America on right. Are these giant human footprints, as ordinarily supposed, or could they possibly be archaic Sasquatch/Bigfoot footprints instead? Sasquatch have not left any primate-shaped footprints - only human-shaped ones. Could the real Bigfoot and the ancient giants have actually been one and the same Anunaki (Anu/Ainu meant hairy - aki meant people). Certain Native Americans claim to have lived next to tribes of Bigfoot in ancient times. The Paiute Indians claimed to have killed-off the last ones. The ancient Achaeans (Greeks/Dorians) claimed to have lived next to troublesome giants in the UK. Brutus the Achaean claimed to have killed-off the last ones. Oddy, both peoples claimed to have smoked them in caves.

Old time photograph of a real Sasquatch of a bigfoot

A 5,000 year-old tale of a Sasquatch and the King of Uruk.

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