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Ancient Stone Henges on a Neighboring Asteroid
'NEAR'  Peanut Gallery


Spacecraft Touchdown Directly On Stone Menhirs

The 'Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous' (NEAR) spacecraft was launched on February 17, 1996 from Cape Canaveral, FL and was programmed to rendezvous with asteroid 433 Eros on February 14, 2000. 'NEAR' was to orbit Eros for a year, conducting scientific studies.

The 'NEAR' Shoemaker spacecraft was designed and built by The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, which managed the mission for NASA. The NEAR mission was the first comprehensive study of the physical geology, composition and geophysics of an asteroid. The mission had three main scientific goals: Determine the physical and geological properties of a near- Earth asteroid (NEA); Clarify relationships between asteroids, comets and meteorites;  and  further our understanding of how, and under what conditions  planets formed.

'NEAR' Shoemaker was the first solar-powered spacecraft to fly beyond the orbit of Mars.  It had the capacity to operate as far as 203 million miles from the Sun.

'NEAR' was not initially designed to land. The chances were believed to be less than 1%. Despite the odds, on February 12, 2001, the NEAR Shoemaker spacecraft touched down on the 433 Eros asteroid and began sending data from the surface of Eros. It has returned 10 times more data than originally planned. The above is the last images sent to earth while "NEAR' landed on the asteroid.

'Stone Henges' Formations 'NEAR' Landed On..

Weightwise the stones on Eros would weigh very little compared to those on Earth - about one ounce to 100 pounds on Earth.  It appears that the ancients built enumerable 'Stone Henges' all over this asteroid.

Because boulders were very easy to move and roll around  on Eros, multitudinous stone circle henges appear to have not only been built, but rebuilt at later times, many of which were rebuilt right over and on top of, the older stone henges.

Below are images taken from the 'Saddle' area on Eros.

Another small stone circle henge sits in the saddle portion of Eros. 
Many 'Rings around the Rosies' here.  On Earth these were once known as 'Diva' Stones.  But were they 'star/astronomical' markers, possbly some form of Solar Dials or memorials?

More odd and old circular stone formations.  The above stone circle henge on the left, appears worn down and covered over with dust.  Was there once a stone henge in the now dust-covered crater on the right?

Square Craters Here?  Perhaps Some Mining Going On?
Or, Just Fractured Features?

Note odd, square, geometrical sides on these craters.  Square craters have also been found on our own Moon, as well as odd shaped  structures.

NASA claims linear, square crater features like the above are caused by 'fractures' in Eros' geological terrain.

Eros Image Archive

Strange Surface

Spacecraft Lands on Eros

NEAR's  Descent

More Odd Terrain

Some 'NEAR' History

Dust & 'Footprints'

More Eros & Asteroid Info.

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