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Grays - Today and Historically

A little captive, decrepit looking Gray-guy/gal disernes he/she is being watched, and also attempts to jar open the window letting us know its' need to escape. But for all their technology, the little Gray-guy/gal cannot make an escape through a window. Note the chair by the wall, although the Gray-guy/gal prefers to sit on the floor.

The above little Gray-guy/gal captive attempts to speak to the camera carefully repeating the word "Baw" or "Waw" maybe "Maw" and a few other words while her captors have her sitting on the chair by the wall in above video. The first man calls the little Gray a "Bitch" and a few other obscenity-type verbals in Portuguese and laughs at her, although the second man tells the first man to "leave 'im alone" in English.

The above video is a bit lengthy and is about the three fingered alien "mummies" recently found in a cave in Peru. Since the presentation doesn't actually start until 19 minutes into the video, to shorten the time you can pull the right end of the red timeline to about 19:18 after it starts. English translations are printed at the bottom.

Note the three fingers and three toes on the ancient space cadet above left in New Zealand Maori art. The same type of space-cadet art can be found in Aztec, Mayan and Egyptian art. The Maoris were ancient tatooed Picts/Celts, a.k.a., Etruscans/Basques who had mixed with a few Aborigine ladies. The three-fingered alien cadet on the left is sitting on a seat formed with the Pict letter "d". Their alphabet: You may have noticed the Maori Hakas ('hacking coughs' with tongues sticking out) which is found on their Etruscan, Greek and Egyptian Sun God Medusa, also known as the Gorgon with serpents for hair, where the tongue and serpents represented the Sun's solar flares 'coughing' out. This is also found represented on the ancient Mayan calendar above right. Exact replicas of the Etruscan Sun god Medusa can also be found in New Zealand and Peru.

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