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Photos From ESA, NASA/JPL

Hydraulic Gold Mining and  Strip Mining?  Or once Garden Terraces?


The European Space Agency Mars Express obtained image on left, on March 26, 2004 during orbit 243 with a ground resolution of 23.4 metres.
Note the green vegetation on the lower left of image shows water in the area.   A much larger photo can be seen at:

E SA/DLR/FU Berlin (G. Neukum)

The strip-mining photos of Mars resemble the Barrick Goldstrike Mine (on right) in Nevada, North America.



This image (left), taken by the High Resolution Stereo Camera (HRSC) on board ESA's Mars Express spacecraft, shows the depression of Juventae Chasma and terraced 'mine' with an apparent sign (upper right) cut into the terrain of Lunae Planum on Mars.
'The depression of Juventae Chasma, is located north of Valles Marineris.

Better view of above 'Mine' along with the 'Identification', just left of center near top?   ->  

This is a more direct view of 'mine' from over the above Juventae Chasma cut terraces.


<- Note greenish valley behind open mine in region of Lunae Planum, at approximately 5o South, and 297 o East.   This close-up view of the mountain in Juventae Chasma is thought to be composed of sulphates used on Earth in beauty and health aids.

<- Symbols at bottom right of "sulphate" mine.


Notice the green vegetation in the valley. ->  

To the northeast, there is a mountain composed of bright, layered material. The OMEGA spectrometer on board Mars Express discovered sulphate on the surface of Mars and confirmed that this mountain is indeed composed of sulphate deposits.   Water here?


Mars Sulphate Deposits with Alphabetic symbols

Close-up at left shows a very clear view of the huge sign 'identification'.


The Mars Express shows the 'sulphate' mine with the sign or alphabetic symbols at each end. It appears to be of ancient Greek/Phoenician script and is the name the ancient Phoenicians printed on their coins: YWH.
Were the 'Phoenicians/Celts' - a.k.a. 'Yahoos' anciently mining Mars?

Ancient  Martian  Placer Mine?   Right  ->
Strip Mine?   Or simply an eroded  Formation?

This Mars Global Surveyor (MGS) Mars Orbiter Camera (MOC) image shows light-toned, layered rock outcrops found in eastern Candor Chasma, part of the vast Valles Marineris trough system. Rocks such as these have been known to occur in the Valles Marineris since the 1971-1972 Mariner 9 mission. The Mars science community believes they formed in rock that was exposed by the faulting of the Candor Chasma trough, or formed in the trough after it was formed, and is a matter of on-going debate and discussion within;  although they are entirely filled in with those 'corrugated-glass-like', frozen water tubes.   Check out the MOC originals.    
Location near: 6.3S, 69.3W  -  
Image width: ~3 km (~1.9 mi) -
Illumination from: lower left  -
Season: Southern Spring  -
NASA/JPL/Malin Space Science Systems

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<-  Left, Old Open-Cut Gold Mine at Peak Hill.

Is it possible gold was once mined on Mars?   Was Mars an ancient El Dorado, a Motherlode?   If one inspects the enlarged terrace image above, very large tubes encircle every cut ledge down to the very wet bottom of above 'pit mine'.   Was hydraulic, 'placer' mining being used?   Was water being skuttled through tubes across the planet to gold mines; the refined gold, in ingot form, then shuttled off to a home planet?

Two High Pressure Hydraulic Sprays are Caught in the Act!   Placer Mining here?   Right  ->

This image was taken by a HiRISE camera on the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter showing columns of liquid being sprayed out under high pressure toward terrain just beyond. (Target 1a).   Also note larger tubes running around an oval formation towards lower left. (Target 1c). Such rounds with large now-collapsed coverings, surrounded by similar large, ribbed-tubes and accompanied by hose-like tubes nearby, can be seen on the moon.   See   Moon 1   The 'hydraulic/water' spray hoses in photo, both appear to be attached to large oval tanks just below them. (Target 1b).   The area appears to be a total wasteland of old tubes and tanks running from one end of the terrain to the other, as well as piled-up and half buried all over the entire place.

This site was successfully located and explored in a remote viewing study conducted by the Farsight Institute in March 2010 using nine highly trained remote viewers, and methodologies developed by the U.S. military.   These experts claimed there are artificial structures on the site with a 'laboratory' and possibly humans and aliens, with both men and women wearing uniforms.   The original builders and technology of the site were seen to have been ancient, and advanced.

Placer mining, i.e. hydraulic gold mining was done using high water pressure spray to wash out the gold ore from rocks and soil in which it was embedded and hidden.   Could Gold be being mined, refined, and ingots shuttled to the home planet of these occupants?   Possibly other valuables are being harvested there too? Or, are these old water tubes just being tested for workability?   Gold is the heaviest known element, but virtually weightless in space.   It is also highest priority for use in electronic micro-wave frequency technologies.   Could some of Mars' archaic, old abandoned 'glass tubes' still be in use to dredge the land, possibly for ores or other elements?   Although most of Mars' 'glass tubes' appear frozen, deteriorated and unusable, they once skuttled across the planet from the poles and other melt places.

Click above Photo for MOC info. & close-ups.

Smelter structure here in outline?

While viewing the Moc images in super magnification, I could actually make out humans walking and sitting around this thrashed ancient site.   Their uniform tops are white with darker color pants.   The tops appear bulky as if wearing oxygen tanks underneath?   They wear what appears to be white Russian astronaut caps that might be fitted with headsets and oxygen masks?   The large MOC photo-cut above, was taken on Mars back in 2001.

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