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~  Mining On Mars 2  ~

Photos From ESA, NASA/JPL

Hydraulic Gold Mining,  Pit & Strip Mining?

Because the original large-sized MOC images of this hydraulic mine on Mars have been removed from public view, these far smaller images do show two high-pressure hoses (light aqua arrows) attached to narrow plexi-hoses spraying water out at full force. There is also an ancient-looking super-sized rope net and other old debri scattered about the site. Photos are not large enough to show the troop of thin, youngish male and female Earth folk walking and sitting around nearby, who only show-up as tiny white blots in the small photo (light orange arrow). They wear loose white jackets possibly over oxygen tanks, and white 'astronaut' caps, along with dark britches, and dark booties. One male walking against, and with back to cliff, and one female, siting down are not wearing the caps and jackets. She appears to have his jacket and cap in her lap. The original large photo was released in 2001.

Placer Mining Mars

Small version above, of very large MOC original photo: m07_m12/images/M11/M1100099 removed from internet.

Placer Mining Mars

The large terraced mound on left, at very top in largest photo, appears to be an open strip-mine with a large aquaduct running around its' base. Or are these the grooves and ridges of ditches?

Placer Mining MarsPlacer Mining Mars

Beside ripples in the sandy bottoms of once seas all over mars there also appears to be strip-like bars in some ripples that form the aquaducts. Some of the strips appear to have been foundations of now, wind blown terraces covered with sand. Mars also appears littered with strip-mines. The perimeters around the bottoms of the strip-mines show multitudinous, large striated, drainage or aquaduct structure lines as in agricultural terraces.

Hydraulic placer mining was and is commonly used to flush out ores or minerals from surface soils. The oval terraces make-up the open strip-mines as in hill-side agricultural terraces. One can see from the two close-ups below the large photo above, that the dark areas are lakes with canals running from the terraced layers, around and out the other side with much smaller waterways cut strait down through the terraces for water to pass to the next level of terraces just as is done in agricultural terraces on Earth.

Placer Mining Mars

Color version shows the black lake water areas as blue-green areas.

The video above, shows a correlation between the alleged, oval strip-mine terraces on Mars, with the exact same-shaped oval terraced rice hills in Vietnam, along with terraced hills with round platform paddies on top. Is this a coincidence or old reconnaissanse photo mix-ups?

Flooded Terraces

The photo above shows what appears as a terrain of flood terraces. Were they naturally carved by nature as Mars' seas gradually sank down into the ground, or hydraulically carved, or carved by something or someone else? One wonders if Mars was used for a mining base after its alleged destruction, because it appears to be covered with open-mines; or, were they actually only previous agriculture terraces as in Asia, Peru and multitudinous other places here on Earth?

Also note on the photo above, there is an unnatural rectilinear object like a high wall, road or possible water-duct just above center that leads to what appears as water, then forks off in two directions, and then makes a an unnatural shark angle. Above Images from MOC: MarsS0700608m8.

gardens or mining gardens or mining

The two small photos above show similar terraces found in Vietnam. Hoaxes?

gardens or mining

This is called 'Ice fields with melt water' although back when these photos were taken Space Programs claimed there was neither water nor ice on Mars; but they actually look like 'Rice fields with run-off water' -- or were/are they really 'Rice-fields' after all? (Blue is not the natural color of the terrain.) From 20zH1.

The image below shows underwater terraces created by dredge mining. With Mars' wet seasons, flooding might occur and could be used to dredge out the ores as in Placer mining. It is apparent that Mars was once covered with shallow seas that have since sunk into the ground and are covered-over by a frozen sedimentary layer. Mars may once have been a regular mining base where hydraulic mining was the normal method used, and the resulting terraces used for growing crops.

dredge mining

The large photo below shows with black arrows concrete-like steps or rectilinear terraces that run down into elongated pools on the sides of a hill. These are man-made and closely resemble the strange step-like terrraces on the sides of the underwater "ziggurat" off Yonaguni Japan, and the same odd-shapped terraced steps on the mountain-sides, and ancient ruins of Peru.

The small enlarged image below it shows some of the odd stairway terraces that drop-off into the pools. If you look at other images of Mars' terraces, you can see these same giant steps or rectilinear terraces leading down to the long pools on all of them. These pools could have been used for hydraulic agriculture such as rice gardens. Many stepped pyramids show wall-like fortifications with green foliage growing in them. Yonaguni's underwater stone ziggurat might have been covered with soil and terraced gardens before it was all washed off and away by the ocean's rising flood waters. Or, these images may actually have been taken on vietnam or Japan and not on Mars at all? From HiRise-JPL-Arizona University.


The above photo shows an area snug against a hill or embankment that would appear to be a water-catch which is full of what at first glance appears to be cigar-shaped tanks or submersibles, possibly sitting in mud, or floating in shallow water? But on a close-up magnified view, the "tanks" appear to be possible boats floating along the coastal area like "driftwood", or anchored, and where some are floating around a low circular mound, seen just below center on left. See: movable, expandable map at NASA's original image map.

Another similar "harbor" with water, floating "boats" and large dome are seen in the zoomed-in original image far to the right along the same embankment. Is this really on Mars, Or in hoax photos? in

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