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Photos From ESA, NASA/JPL

Hydraulic Gold Mining,  Pit & Strip Mining?

Because the original large-sized MOC images of this hydraulic mine on Mars have been removed from public view, these far smaller images do show two high-pressure hoses (aqua arrows) attached to narrow plexi-hoses spraying water out at full force. There is also an ancient-looking super-sized rope net and other old debri scattered about the site. Photos are not large enough to show the troop of thin, youngish male and female Earth folk walking and sitting around nearby, who only show-up as tiny white blots in the small photo (orange arrow). They wear loose white jackets possibly over oxygen tanks, and white 'astronaut' caps, along with dark britches, and dark booties. One male walking against, and with back to cliff, and one female, siting down are not wearing the caps and jackets. She appears to have his jacket and cap in her lap. The original large photo was released in 2001.

Placer Mining Mars

Small version above, of very large MOC original photo: m07_m12/images/M11/M1100099 removed from internet.

Placer Mining Mars
Placer Mining MarsPlacer Mining Mars

If one notices, there are structure ripples in the sand all over mars with the same kind of bar structures that form the aquaducts. On close inspection they appear to have been wind blown terraces covered with sand. Mars appears to be littered with open pit and strip-mines. The perimeters around the tops of the pit-mines show multitudinous, large striated, drainage or aquaduct structure lines. Hydraulic placer mining was used to flush out ores or minerals. The oval terraces make-up the open pit-mines as in circular amphitheaters. One can see from the two close-ups, below the large photo that the black areas are lakes with canals running from them into the oval pit-mines and around to their other sides with much smaller waterways cut strait down through them allowing water to pass down to the next level of terraces.

The large terraced mound on left, at very top on largest photo, appears to be an open strip-mine with a large aquaduct running around its' base. Or are these the groves and ridges of ditches? Were ancient East Asian and Peruvian terraces once strip mines? Images from MOC: MarsS0700608m8.

The video above, shows a correlation between open terraces on Earth used as rice beds with open strip and pit-mine terraces on Mars.

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