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Artificial Constructions?

'Washed out' Building or Bridge Structure?

MOC Images - MSSS/MOC Image M18-00318

Located near the Martian north polar rim, this support structure for a possible bridge is found in what appears to have been a very large wash-out, or was once the mouth of a river bed. This structure spans a distance greater than 1.6 miles (2.6 km).


Context Image Map

Notice the small dark spots on the bridge. Possible moss or plant-type growth perhaps? MOC's narrow-angle image covers more than 57 square miles (92.55 square km) of this area, but the dark spots appear only on the 'bridge' and within the geometric shaped square constructions.

Anasazi-Celtic-Style Kiva & Room Structures

Note artificial 'Pre-fab' sections Below. What major cataclysm may have caused all Martian buildings to be buried under mud and sand? Dust storms on Mars might be partly to answer, but many major structures are buried under tons of mud as well.

Pre-fab Walls Of Ancient Mars City

MGS-MOC2-319 Release

Ancient Jetty On Mars?

Were jettys used to hold back the seas that once covered Mars?

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