~ Mars Ribbed Tubes ~

Water Transport Tubes Frozen in Time?

Are these Tubes Ancient Water Pipes?
Do they transport water - ice-melt over this dried-
up planet? Might they be used for Placer-mining?

The 'Glass-Tube Worm'

Underground Conduits?

Glass 'Snake-like' Tubes

or 'Ice Pipe'  Highways?

Swimming Dolphin?  -  Ice Tube with now Frozen Fish?

Trapped Dolphin became frozen?

Click on photo for much larger image.

Note 'slinky water pipes' running around ledges
in this probable pit-mine, ending-up in the bottom.

Tube to that 'Fort'

Transporting-Tube Ports?

Ishtar-Star & Tube

Water Pipes Go Across Desert

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