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Ancient Metal Technology Saved by Petrification

Can ancient metals turn to stone - become 'fossilized'? The above image is just one example. It was part of archaic megalithic metal machinery and found in Gornaya Shoria, Siberia (Russia), the legendary land of archaic giants. Gargantuan megalithic stone walls are also there.

What are gold, silver, copper, and all the other uncountable metal deposits? Normally when we find metals they are in stones, or are themselves stones - as ore. These could also have once been refined and formed objects, but since have again petrified into stone - some melted and flattened by the heat of the compression from above layers and now run along in their own layers, or 'veins'.. But there seems to be a mystery?

Is it because we base all our knowledge on false premises? All stones, metals and minerals were once only sand, silt, clay, ores, lava, etc., but are now compressed and hardened ('petrified') into stone as layered earth sediments, most pushed up into broken, layered and folded mountains all over the earth.

Metal petrified into stone

Almost everyone recognizes the above stone structure from the bottom of the Baltic Sea. Scientists studying pieces of the stone structure found them to be made of a mixed metal alloy - a blend of metals that are not found naturally in nature, but have been melted and forged together in a smelter or foundery. Also inside the noe petrified structure is a still active device that stops the workings of modern electrical objects that come within 200 feet of it. When moving out of this 200 foot range, the electrical objects begin to work again.

If one can see the scuba divers (looking like small ants) swimming over the top of the corroded stairs near its front right side, are tiny in comparison to the stairs and would not be able to climb them because of the enormous dimensions.

Was this object once a machine or movable craft built by extremely large, or giant persons, which still rests on a petrified stump-like platform at the bottom of the now flooded area called the Baltic sea? Could the historical giants of archaic times have built this mysterious machine for a scientific purpose, along with the huge mechanical object pictured above it? They are both in the far north, although separated by many miles.

Many Petrified metal objects are laying around "hidden" right in plain site.

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