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Ancient Metal Technology Saved by Petrification

Archaic Petrified Metal Technology

Can ancient metals turn to stone - become 'fossilized'? The above image is just one example. It was part of archaic megalithic metal machinery and found in Gornaya Shoria, Siberia (Russia), the alleged land of archaic giants. Gargantuan megalithic stone walls are also there.

What are gold, silver, copper, and all the other uncountable metal deposits? Normally when we find metals they are in stones, or are themselves stones - as ore. These could also have once been refined and formed objects, but since have again petrified into stone - some melted and flattened by the heat of the compression from above layers and now run along in their own layers, or 'veins'.. But there seems to be a mystery?

Is it because we base all our knowledge on false premises and foundations? All stones, metals and minerals were once only sand, silt, clay, ores, lava, etc., but are now compressed and hardened ('petrified') into stone and layered earth sediments, most pushed up into broken, layered and folded mountains. We are lucky to ever find any remnants of bygone eras of our archaic ancestors' metallurgy and technology.

Metal turned to stone Petrified into stone


Metal stone Metal stone

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Metal stones Metal stones

Metal stone Metal stone

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