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Rainbow Line

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More Moon Structures


Above left appears to be an antenna, and behind it, shown closer on right is an
archaic castle.
    Photos taken by the U.S. Navy's Clementine Space Craft.

Lit-up transparent or 'Crystal' Moon domes above and below?

City of domes with hat shaped domes, or just parked UFOs?

Mining city? Note all the piled-up mounds and holes, and the large scooped-out hole, or 'satellite dish' in the foreground. Also note the long, narrow tubes or 'aquaducts' meandering brightly across the above screen, as well as a person-look-a-like, left of center, stradling a tube with arms stretched out with another large scoop-out behind him - or just some strange contraption. Someone does appear to have been mining the moon, and left their equipment and piles.

'X Marks the Spot -> Treasure Here'. Moon Cross Structure?

Google Moon streams show an X on the Moon. The distance across an arm of the X structure from one end to the other is 15.70 feet by 15.70 feet. It is a huge X shaped structure and is actually below the surface. A shot taken at ground level does not show the X. From 2 56N 21 27W Richard Buchli D.V.M

Another old Moon mining town below?

Below in left image is a geoglyph of a bald humman face at very bottom in center.
by MOC wide-angle image: M0200164.

Below, in right image in center, is a geoglyph of two human's faces in one image.

Silo on moon with a center triangle.

The Ukert crater above has a perfect 16 mile equilateral triangle within it, and is located near center of Moon as viewed from Earth at full moon. It can be viewed with a small telescope. There are also three very bright areas on the rim of the crater which, if connected with straight lines form another equilateral triangle which would result in two perfectly interlocking triangles as in the six-pointed "Star of Ishtar".

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