Visit 'Legend' by an Ancient Aborigine

The above horns, along with various smaller versions were anciently brought to Australia on ships that Aboriginal legends described as Emus because of the long, curved necks and heads on their prows; and were ancient Caucasian Shepherd's horns used like ram's horns to call gatherings, alarms, goats and cows, and brought on ancient ships to call to other ships and to shore, etc.

Although a few parts of the horns have since gone missing, notably the interchangeable mouth pieces, the Aborigines make enterprising sounds from their own mock-ups of this ancient hand-down left by a few of these ancient ancestors. The Aborigines call them Didgeridoos, mountain shepherds in the Alps call them Alphorns.

Ancient Aborigines described the ships that arrived below as Emus.  (Emirs?)          The poetry of the Iliad described the ships as Swans  and belonged to the Danaans - Danes from the Levant areas.