Ocean of Dark Matter

There is Something - an undifferentiated whole.
It has no concrete form,
it is deep, dark, silent - undefined.

We do not hear its voice audibly...
It is infinitely high, and unfathomably deep..
an abyss .. enclosing the universe,

filling the space of heaven.
Receiving from the Formless,
it produces a stream running deep and wide,

without overflowing.
Opaque, it uses gradual clarification - by stillness.
It is infinite - but does not fill the hand.

It is restrained - but expands,
appears dark - but illuminates...
It absorbs the negative - and emits the positive,

displaying the fiery light of the stars, sun, and
moons; this Way causes the revolving movement
of the heavens, and the stability of earth(s).

Turning endlessly like a wheel, it flows on
ceaselessly like water, and is at the beginning,
and the ending of all manifestations...

Infinitely communicating its virtue/gravity and constants.
Yet, while it is undefinable and ungraspable,
its function is unlimited, profound and mysterious.

Facilitating life,
it manifests all forms
from its own unseen non-form.

It tunes the forces of nature,
and rolls up, and rolls out
with stealth and flexibility.

It contracts and expands
Its' darkness and Its' Fiery-light.

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Excerpts from Wen Tzu/Lao Tzu, 6th Century BCE.

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Ancient space and other ancient mysteries