Ancient Sea Goers

Sumerian shipping animals

The ancient Sumerians shipped animals from one country to another. The image's art-style shows the Sumerians to be Picts-Celts. Allegedly they shipped Caucasian bisons/wisents to north America's eastern seaboard, and European "red deer"to Britain.

Sledge-boats pulling onto shore from icy waters.

This is a type of sled along with double-prowed boats used in ancient Scandinavia and Britain. The image is from a cave painting in Scotland. The sleds and catamaran-type" sled-boats could be pulled up on shore and the sleds used to carry their catch. The people used dogs to haul the sleds and captured game. Note the Runes, and swastika which was a major Pictish-Celto, Basque, Chinese symbol, representing the central dynamic, powerful forces of Mother-Nature's spiraling, universe.

shows men holding up Pict symbols of whirls
shows sled and wheeled cart being pulled by deer

Men let visitors know who was in the area by their rock-art graphics of symbols and logos. Etched is a deer with a wheeled cart and sled. There are also Celto-Pict Sun wheel symbols on the rock. These glyphs are found in Norway and northern Europe. These pictographs are also the work of Basques/Boshkos, also known as Celts and Samis, as well as the Ainus/Inuits - mixed races who were deer herders and whalers/fishers also. The circle, second from left with the extra line on the sun cross represents a Turtle and hails from the Ukraine and Romanian areas to Mesopotamia, Turkey, Greece, Europe. The dark circle being held by people is a skin trampoline.

shows men with a bow and arrow and a man holding up a pair of snow shoes
shows men with spears and the leader wearing a horned cap or helmet

Image on left shows man or boy with a bow and arrow and a man holding up a pair of snow shoes. Image on right shows men with spears and a leader wearing a horned cap or helmet - also looking like a deer or moose.

Man with axe and another tool and a man with a shield with sun-circle dots along with a tool.
A man uses a plow with a deer pulling it, along with cattle, deer, double hulled

Image on left shows A man in a boat with an axe along with a long tool, and a man with a shield or drum with sun-circle dots, along with a long tool.
Image on right shows a man with a deer plowing, along with cattle, other deer, double hulled "turtle" boats and people holding a round trampoline, and other various objects depicted with activities going on.