Ancient Forts and Camps

ancient Gallic Warrior ringed wooden fort

These Gallic/Pictish warriors brought the "Mohawk pony-do" to north America. The Picts, Gaels/Celts were also builders of the ringed forts, stone circles and henges. The Pony-maned warrior above is off of the Knossos Phaistos disc. The spiral disc tells his life story.

creek Indians sported Gaelic esrrior Mohawks Creek Indians lived in Celtic forts and round houses

On left are Creek Indians sporting ancient Gaelic warrior Mohawk's pony-manes which were brought by the Welsh to America in the 10th century AD. They built and lived in Celtic round houses in fenced forts as did the ancient Picts and Gaels.

Gallic warriors in their dragon-dog boats

Above engraving shows pony-maned Gaelic warriors in their 'Dragon-Dog' Canoe with giant Sea-horse acompanying them. They were later known as Vikings.