Archaic Symbols

Babylonian boundry stone Chumash cliff art on California coast

circles and dots

On left is ancient Babylonian boundary stone with star symbols and other insignias. Top right is Chumash art from Southern California with loads of Celtic sun wheels and other sun and star symbols. Bottom right is a rock depiction of ancient Norway people around in a circle with a trampoline with the same star/sun insignia as the Chumash in the center.

art depicts Celtic sun wheels with dots, which represent
forts and round houses. Pict art engraved into the Lava Carved stone with circles and spirals match Hawaii's lava ringed holes.

At left is a depiction of a a neolithic Celtic settlement in Norway, The sun wheels represent round forts and the dots are round houses. It is a map. These are also tell-tale signs of who were the historic 'Atlanteans'.