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The Plane that doesn't exist

The 'other' Plane that doesn't exist: The 'Rotational,
anti-gravity / anti-G forces plasma' matrix engine aircraft

Back Engineering Roswells' crashed UFO.

The above photo of the 'Black Knight Satellite' was taken by astronauts aboard the International Space Station. It appears to be a top section of a mod-style space plane, or prototype lost and caught up in an orbit, flip-flopping around the earth. The U.S.A. was developing advanced aircraft technology in the 1930s-40s, and the mid-section of the B-2 Spirit resembles a cross between the Black-Night 'UFO' with the mid--section of the Horton flying wing, below.

The above photo is of a proto-type flying wing created by the Horten brothers of Germany in 1935, who had originally built it to be a bomber. The wings were built of intricate, light wood framing like large model airplanes and painted with an enamel-like varnish. But its' life was cut short and did not drop any bombs. It was shot-down during a dogfight with the Russians, And could not be rebuilt at the time because its designs had gone missing.

Americans had found and retrieved the broken parts and pieces, and because they had already been designing their own working versions of winged stealth-craft since the early 1930s, produced 'flying-wings' in 1947-48 which could be seen taking off from the airport everyday at 4:00 P.M., one after the other, zooming south over Imperial Hwy, and Crenshaw Blvd in Hawthorn and Inglewood in southern California.

Their continuing prototypes became Today's flying-wing stealth bombers--the B-2 Spirit stealth bomber, and the new nuclear capacity B-21 Raider, the latest stealth winged bomber which will make her maiden flight in December of 2021.

The 'UFOs' above, may have been two B-2 Spirits.

The above images are of the newest flying-wing stealth Bomber, the B-21 Raider, which will be replacing the B-2 Spirit, both shown in the above diagram. The new B-21 Raider, having gone through thorough testing, will make her 35 KM maiden flight from the U.S. Air Force, 42nd assembly plant in Palmdale, California to Edwards Air Force base in December of 2021. The B-21 operates completely on a new technology which has nuclear capabilities and functions digitally. A fleet of stealth wing, B-21 Raiders is the agenda.
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Boarding during transport

U.S. vehicles jumping from ship.

Hindu temple vimanas were replicas of the ancient Danais (Danish/Celts) vimana spacecraft. Some spacecraft were put into orbit around the earth and were used by the Celts/Scythians nobles as Satellite "Hotels." Women teachers wrote in San Scrit, which meant "Holy Women's Script" describing the propulsion systems of these craft. They also had smaller, individual craft shaped like large cymbals which an individual could use. The women operated the cymbol-shapped craft by using circuit-like crystal-sets made of varying crystal's frequencies operated through, and by gold wires and rings. arm bands, ear-rings, etc, which we would only assume to be fine golden jewelry. The propulsion systems were kept secret for fear scoundrels would get a hold of them and cause trouble and damage to their societies, which they eventually did..

On Earth, building walls were thick, rooftops were flat and used as 'parking-spaces' for round-topped and bell-shapped vimanas. Entrance to the buildings were through an opening in the roof. Hence, to this day, facsimile domes and vimana-shapped architectural edifices sit atop buildings, and on land used as holy shrines and temples by the unaware, who have no knowledge or access to any of the archaic propulsion systems.

The Mahabharata relates that King Rama boasted, "We have gotten ('stolen') those hated Danais'/Danish sciences. And afterward, just as feared they attempted to build the Celtic/Scythian skycraft themselves. Modern Hindis now presume to give their own ancestors the credit for the invention of these ancient craft. Elsewhere, Historical writings mention that "the Celts flew down from the north." They were also noted to have flown down to the aid of their brethren in Phoenicia during a war. The Mahabharata also states they flew from continent to continent and from planet to planet.

The vimanas used a mercury plasma spin tecnology to counter G-forces. The ancient Scythians/Celts' SanScrit Book of Aeronautics described how the spacecraft were built. Most of these ancient Celtic/Scythian texts have still not been translated.

The Tibetan Book of the Dead states what sounds like a spacecraft hidden within a cave at the base of Mount Meru, and when you enter inside (your soul), there is what appears to be an enclosed room which contains what sounds like a surrounding control panel with red, black, and other colored features; and after a stay of seven days you were told you would then proceed into a corridor which takes you into darkness ("space" perhaps?). The interpreter probably did not understand the intent of the visuals described that he was interpreting, and thought it a passage from death into immortality, where one enters a dark corridor, stays for seven days, then continuing on, loses all contact with the earth. From the detailed description, it sounded like a cave with an entrance into a spacecraft. But, if it actually was a spacecraft, how could it get out through the cave walls? It also sounded like there was another exit in the corridor, but ended in darkness--so-called death? Only certain ones went past that.

Having borrowed the book from the library, I called the publisher to order a copy, and was told the translation was out of print and not going to be published any longer. It also turned out there was never any Mount Meru in Tibet. But oddly, there was a Mount Meru in Africa--bordering on Kenya and Uganda, off of Lake Victoria. Dr. Albert Swietzer had spent most of his adult life in that location searching for what he called "the Silver Chalice." Had he read the Tibetan Book of the Dead, or heard of a "silver craft" of some kind of shape there, thinking it was the legendary Christian's "Chalice?"

Old Scandinavian legends tell about Norsemen mining down inside Mount Meru with the help of little black dwarves (pygmies), but never any mention of a metallic object or craft there. The media reported that an alleged a 5,000 year-old aircraft/spacecraft had actually been found inside an Afghanistan cave in Khandahar, similar to the red-haired giant report (See: Khandahar Giant.) American soldiers and Russians have actually tried to free it, but so-far failed. The location given in the Tibetan Book of the Dead may have been given as a double-meaning decoy only--if it actually was referring to the Khandahar craft? Also see the Indian video below.

Vimanas--'Astros/Castros' I

twinking star twinking star

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