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These crafts use ancient vimanas' rotational mercury plasma propulsion

More on the above triangular 'anti-gravity / anti-G forces plasma' aircrafts

Americas Newest Space Shuttle

America's 1st Flying Wing - 1945. Prototype of today's air and spacecraft Looked silvery sharp while flying daily over southern Calif. in 1947-8

Aircraft of the future - and the Real Valkyrie

The stratosphere's 'almost' spaceplane

That conspircy theory? And mercury engine plasma matrix

Not a video

Hindu temple vimanas were replicas of the ancient Danais (Danish/Celts) vimana spacecraft. These spacecrafts were put into orbit around the earth and were used by the nobles as 'Satellite Hotels'. On Earth, building walls were thick, Rooftops were flat, and used as 'parking-spaces' for the vimanas. Entrance to the buildings was through an opening in the roof. Hence, to this day, domes and vimana-shapped architectural edifices sit atop buildings, and on land used as holy shrines by the unaware. The Mahabharata relates that King Rama boasted, "We have gotten ('stolen') those hated Danais' sciences." This included all their air and space craft. Elsewhere, Historical writings mention that, "the Celts flew down from the north." They were also noted to have flown down to the aid of their brethren in Phoenicia during a war. The vimanas used the mercury plasma, spin tecnology to counter G-forces. The ancient Celts' SanScrit book of aeronautics included information on how the spacecraft were built.

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