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~  Archaic Metal Structures Petrified into Stone  ~

Other Ancient Metal Technology Saved by Petrification

The above image is only one example of metal petrified into stone saturated by water, without rust. Probably sand smelted into it creating a somewhat soft ceramic which appears to have been part of archaic megalithic metal machinery, and found in Gornaya Shoria, Siberia (Russia), the legendary land of archaic giants. Note the gorilla-style "clamps" or "bolts" on top. Gorillas in Russia--the ancient land of snow and ice? Gargantuan megalithic stone walls are built nearby.

Normally metals are found embedded in stone as ores. The ores could once have been refined metal objects, but have petrified again into stone from pressure--flattening and oxidizing, softening from heat of compression and sedementary layers above them, some again becoming ore veins.

Stones, metals and minerals were once sand, silt, clay, ores, crystals, lava, etc. Some physical objects have been compressed and hardened/petrified into stone as layered earth sediments under oceans and seas, and have since been pushed up into broken, layered and folded mountains all over the earth.

Remnants of Our Prehistory World

Below are archaic stone - so-called marble and geo-polymer bowl-like objects missing their finer, probably movable metal or ceramic parts. One can see where they were once joined to other parts and pieces, and are now lined-up at the ancient Ahu gurab solar temple in Egypt. Petrified metal, and "clay-dough" objects which were once liquid or clay-like and poured into molds or into a form.

These marble bowls were allegedly cut in a quarry. But marble too, is made by melting sand and pouring it into large molds to make ceramic objects, just as glass and large pottery objects are made from melted sand or molded from clay, etc. Natural marble, as found on mountains is only formed in warm, shallow seas. Seismic events push-up mountain chains, lifting the marble beds to the hightest sides of mountains.

Metal petrified into stone

Many archaic, petrified metal, cement, and wooden objects lie around in plain site as hardened parts of once softened "clay-dough-like" stone objects, or imprints protruding from petrified "clay-dough" blobs.

Some folks state these areas were once stone quarries; but closer analysis actually shows them to be the petrified remains of an ancient technology, and structural and architectural remains from an ancient time, and were not cut in a quarry, nor are from a quarry, but were formed from moulds. Many have been toppled and rolled along by earthquakes

Archaic megaliths - petrified metal, cement and even wood.

A Space-age style metal building after the Baltic sea anomaly, petrified and corroded by possible under-sea conditions shown in above video. A smaller, with similar style structure is also found in ancient Etruscan/Basque lands in Italy.

The above archaic, and large Khufu-like, 'rusty' looking pyramid sits on the edge of what was once an inland sea in Xian China. Gravity gradually pulled it's waters down into the earth, yet it still stands as a great structure from man's archaic past.

Carved stone
pyramid Pyramid Lake is 900 feet deep and used to cover almost all of Nevada. It is 40 miles from Reno Nevada, U.S.A. on a Paiute Indian reservation.

Most pyramids around the world were based in lakes or surrounded by water, even this archaic, small eroded, pyramid carved from a natural tufa formation sits in its' own lake, and was carved either by the first peoples--the Celts, or the Paiutes--who came later. The Paiutes claim they killed off the 'giants'--that is, the Celts, the first peoples.

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