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Mysterious Under-Water & Land Triangles

Giant Delta Mound - Rock Lake Wisconsin, USA

Walls - Pyramids & Cairn Structures Beneath Rock Lake
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Delta Mound - Rock Lake

Delta Mound - Rock Lake

Triangle - Key Largo, Florida, also note fish-shape on cliff by shore.

Delta Mound - Rock Lake

Spain's Under-Sea Triangle Above

Cuba - Under-Sea Triangle

Bahamas - Under-Sea Triangle

Bermuda - Under-Sea Triangle

Triangles on a once dry area of Nile Delta below, and ancient road lines leading to the Triangles. Herodotus stated the Mediterranean had once been only a narrow harbor. Since then, because of ice age melts the oceans have risen many hundreds of feet.

Note triangle upon a curved, snake-shaped structure found in Florida Bay region below in right frame. Under sea triangle structure on left and dark one in center-bottom, below?

Land Triangles Below:

Kentucky - USA

Carved on an ancient rock in Malibu, southern Califotnia

Peru's Triangle Strip

Northwest-Territory Canada

Canadian Mountains

Argentina - S.A.

Lake victoria Africa

Ayer's Rock - Australia

Kansas - USA

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