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~ Ancient World Giants ~

Formidable, Fearsome Fomorians

Formers of Metals - Earth's former inhabitants ranging in many great heights.

Native Americans have said of the old giants,
"...Their hair was yellow and of fine texture..."

The photo above shows an ancient giant's skeleton encircled by the skeleton of a gargantuan sized snake, possibly an Asian reticulated python. The giant human's skeleton was discovered in Khao Khanap Nam Cave in Thailand in 2017. The lady standing above it is 5'6" to give an idea of their actual sizes; and The python's head is as large as the giants. The two skeletons show the giant python strangled the giant man to death while he was alive, although the giant battled the giant python.

The giant guy may have been snoozing in the cave when the super-sized serpent slithered-up and wound itself around him. Then, when suddenly finding himself being crushed alive by the python, the giant gave battle trying to kill it, or get it off him. But even though the giant, or possibly a buddy of his managed to slice the python in half, the giant man still ended-up with a broken neck and other broken bones. Both the giant's and the python's skeletons reveal his' sad ending.

Also below are two images of an Asian reticulated python and a diagram showing their skeletal bones with which to compare with the python bones' above. Asian reticulated pythons grow to 30 feet in length even in our own modern times. Also below are photos of the cave and close-ups of the giant's skelton, and Thai scientists.

A Utah Giant wearing Egyptian neck decor &
also an ancient Danish feathered head-dress.

When a monsoon flood occured in Arizona in 1911, a large ditch was created on Peter Marxs' farm which he had held and worked on since 1870. While examining the ditch Marx discovered the bones of a very large, giant human. A friend of his, respected Prescott attorney, ES Clark was called over and also witnessed the giant bones and corroborated the find. The story was then put in the Yavapai County Newspaper and the Smithsonian Institute sent a representative to investigate and retrieve the skelteton which Marx refused to give up and thereby hid away. The leg bones were twice the size of a normal man, and the head could fit over a normal man's head with extra space. Other than the giant's well proportioned giant human body, the teeth variated in that they seemed more rounded than those of the ordinary man. Some folk have suggested that because of the slight difference in teeth, it could be possible that the bones might have been those of a sasquatch? When Mr. Marx died, the location of the giant's bones went with him.

American Giant's Skull

Sarah Winnemucca Hopkins, daughter of Paiute Chief Winnemucca, refering to America's giant first peoples in her autobiography, related "... My people say that the tribe we exterminated had 'reddish' hair. I have some of their hair, which has been handed down..."

Ohio Giants

Fomorian-Achian Giants
America's 'First Peoples'

Also known as monolith, pyramid and mound builders and as the archaic Adena Culture of Ohio U.S.A. They mined copper and shipped it overseas, and were America's first nations. Large Skulls found in Adena burial mounds are depicted below. A few small humans or pygmys brought over by them were also found in the mound/burough graves.

Petroglyph of Helmet
of an American Giant

Memorial Stone to a Giant King.

In ancient times Jericho was known as the City of Giants because it was inhabited by giants known as Gibborim. The Gibborim giants inhabited ancient Jericho According To the O.T. Book of Joshua and were called “heroes of old, and men of renown” and mentioned in Genesis 6. They were not as tall and powerful as the alleged Nephilim, but were considered a dangerous warrior race. They were allegedly the mixed race of Nephilim and regular earth women? Giant rulers were actually real giants and were depicted on monuments as such and not as flattery for the ruler.

Giant Mummies

Giant Female Egyptian Ruler

Art Depicting the Giant Hercules

Giant depicted above, shown wearing animal head and pelt head-dress down back was described in the Illiad by Homer to be A Danaan.  This classical Greek art was titled 'Hercules'.
Below, shows a Titan Pharaoh of Egypt with typical red-ochre skin paint of Danaans and Libyans. Rulers were depicted as giants, because they were giants.

Giant-Titan Pharaoh

Titans/Teutons were Achians/Achaeans and Phoenicians and had settled the British isles and the Americas.   They were called 'Red Men' because of red-ochre rubbed over their skin. The Egyptian Pharaoh depicted wearing tights under his kilt is grabbing Nubians (black and mixed) who were then made slaves.

Giant's Stone Glyphs

Brush Creek Glyphs

Above and below scripts are Phoenician.

"Fe Fi Fo'morians"

From Irish tradition Fomorians were "giants" who invaded in ships from the west coast of north Africa, and demanded children at Halloween time. Pict tradition held the same. The giants were finally driven north to the Hebrides Isles off of northwest Scotland and to Tory Island off northwest Ireland in the deep Atlantic. From there, they preyed on the people of Ulster.
The Fomorian giants were endowed with double-rows of teeth, six fingers on each had.. Interestingly, Anglo-American settlers in the upper Ohio were told Native traditions of " giants," and early settlers claimed they were digging up (from Lake Erie-to the Ohio River) the skeletons of "giants" with massive skulls and double rows of teeth.

The Mandarins of the Canadian Museum of Civilization (Hull/Ottawa) also at long last admit: "Historically documented native beliefs in Canada appear to have been quite similar to those of the archaic Celtic, Germanic and old Scandinavian peoples of northwestern Europe.

(Old Scandinavian means Lapps, Finns/Samis). Edited from G. Iudhael Jewell - Ancient American - Vol. 6, Num. 42. Pg. 23

Ancient American Giants
over 11 and 12 feet tall.

South American Giants

Note very large jaw of male on left, but not on female at right.

Ancient Nordic Axes above.

Petrified Giant Bones

Ohio Giants


Giant Humanoids

"Long, long ago beyond the misty space of twice a thousand years,
In Erin old there dwelt a
mighty race, taller than Roman spears;

Like oaks and towers they had a giant grace, were fleet as deers,
With winds and waves they made their 'biding place,
These western shepherd seers.

Their ocean-god was Manannan Mac Lir, whose angry lips,
In their white foam, full often would inter whole fleets of ships.

Crom was their day-god, and their thunderer, made morning and eclipse;
Bride was their queen of song, and unto her
They prayed with fire-torched lips.

inspired giant! shall we e'er behold, in our own time,
One fit to speak your spirit on the wold, or seize your rhyme?

One pupil of the past, as mighty souled as in the prime,
Were the fond, fair, and beautiful and bold,
They, of your song sublime!"

The Celts, D'Arcy McGee, 17th Century Irish Poet.

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