~ Star Ships ~

Mysterious Beam Ships Seen in Space..

SOHO's SunCruisers-Star Ships - Real? Or just 'lost in space' test planes and spacecraft?

SOHO Spacecraft Image.
They call these 'asteroids'?

Is ancient toy
an imitation?

Actual NASA Satellite Image.

Like the ancient Ahura Mazda?

The Star Cruisers appear to
beam directly into the sun.

Strange object photographed near
on 3/24/02, 8:52:03 PM, PST.

Object shoots beam at
an approaching object.

SOHO Spacecraft above
Resembles some Star-
Cruisers. Does it have
a beam-thruster?

Ancient Peruvian toy.
Compare to Nasa's
image top of page.

Ancient Egyptian toy.
Was it made as a copy
of a Star Cruiser?

Mayan 'Atlatl-Cauac' -- a Sky
Traveling 'Cauac-a-Doodle-Doo'
'Ahura-Mazda' on Solar-Boat?

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